Buyers Guide

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You’re ready to buy—or maybe you’re just ready to start seriously thinking about buying. Our Buyers Guide will cover everything you need to know for a successful buying experience. 


Stop browsing for answers on the internet. From contracts to packing, our a nifty buyers guide has everything you need to know when purchasing a home. 

Our commitment

we've got connections

Our team has built lasting relationships with mortgage lenders, title and escrow companies to ensure a smooth transition in your buying journey. We’ll make sure that you’re set up for success with the right team for your purchase.

the CONCIERGE Experience

Voted as Seattle Magazine’s 2019 Five Star Realtor, our team provides a buying and selling experience that is personal and crafted to your unique story. 

we listen

Every client has a different journey in their home buying process. Where we stand out is in our ability to ask the most important questions and really listen to our clients goal and dreams to better deliver what they want.

learn while at it

When buying a home, there seems to be more questions than answers. Through the buying process, we’ll help define every important step so that you can make educated decision as we go along.